Welcome to the STEAM-Works! project.

To encourage and develop the success, prosperity and well-being of current and future STEAM Workforce Leadership by providing needed resources, training and support across the educational spectrum.

• Demonstrate and educate people in the basic STEAM skills that are needed throughout everyday life.
• Encourage understanding and enthusiasm about embracing a scientific mindset.
• Provide an independent resource of training, equipment, facilities and funding.
• Serve both groups and individuals, both students and professionals.

The "STEAM Works" Program is intended to help people gain access to new abilities and career opportunities by providing training and related support to their STEAM education endeavors. The program contains customizable elements for educational, community and professional learners. The initial focus is mainly on developing the skills of high-school and college student involved in both technical and artistic multi-disciplinary activities as an entry into future career pursuits. The natural extensions to this include courses for younger children to introduce basic STEAM skills, community and continuing education groups, and corporate organizations seeking to enhance their workforce performance.

Products and Services:
• Training media and sessions
• Fundraising and financing
• Tools, materials and supplies
• Design and fabrication
• Equipment storage
• Workshop facilities (fixed and portable)
• IT infrastructure support

The program offers both online and in-person training possibilities ranging from single demonstrations and workshops to long-term mentoring. It also facilitates sponsorship opportunities which may include providing access to financial and other resources.